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How would you like to find cash, checks and money orders for $5, $12, $16 and even $69.95 in your mailbox each day? And especially if you could "keep all of the money" because you were the supplier? And even better, getting instant online orders for the same!

If so, then let me introduce you to a set of moneymaking booklets that can be reproduced on any copier for just pennies each. And even better, they are now in "digital format" so you can sell them online or you can fill orders right from your computer's printer or sell CD-ROM's! Every copy you produce will be a brand new laser sharp copy!

BONUS: Each product also comes beautifully printed in PDF format as well as Microsoft Word. They work on all computers. Formatting is permanently locked and saved in PDF in case you need it to change or enhance your Word versions!

Over the years, thousands have made money at home selling information through the mail. Companies like Bonanza Trading Co. Ė almost 100 years of selling small booklets and reports by mail! Stew Caverly - over 40 years of mail order success publishing small reports and booklets like these. And I could fill these pages up with still more names!

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You can sell these booklets simply by placing small, inexpensive, classified or display ads in moneymaking publications. You can also add copies of this exact 20-page mini catalog when filling orders for similar products and then look for money to come rolling back after a while. Hereís the secret to mail order success. These are the very orders I love getting. They help keep my savings account nicely padded!

And now you can sell them online using a variety of techniques including your own copy of this very web page!

The Complete Booklet Library and The Sell Reports by Mail Catalog are two of my most successful mail order products. The Complete Booklet library sells for $69.95 by mail and the Sell Reports by Mail catalog sells for $49.00

I have gotten repeated orders for $119.95 through the mail from these two offers. It just goes to show you that mail order dealers want their own products. they don't just buy one series, they buy both products every time!

For the first time ever, I finally decided to let them loose the way I own them - in digital format.and sell them online

* You get "The Complete Booklet Library" catalog cover masters plus all 15 booklets and their advertising.

* Plus with the "Sell Reports by Mail" Catalog you get the main booklet catalog masters also plus all 12 report products and their sales copy.

The Complete Booklet Library Titles:

1. 79 Businesses That You Can Start with Little or No Cash

2. How To Build a $1,000/wk Mail Order Book Business

3. 200 Excellent Money-Making Opportunities for Women

4. 134 Mail Order Success Secrets

5. How To Make Money Buying and selling Used Cars and Trucks

6. How To Acquire Property with No Money Down

7. How To Make Up To $30,00 or More Annually with a Mail Forwarding Service

8. Million Dollar Sales Letters

9. How To Find Work with The Federal Government

10. How To Sell Information by Mail and Earn up to $8,000

11. 64 Ways to Increase Your Mail Order Profits

12. How To Start a Telephone Answering Service

13. Make $100 an Hour Making Exclusive 3-D Photo Figures

14. How To Start Your Own Mail Order Business

15. Make Money with Recipes

PLUS Catalog Masters

Step-by-Step Marketing Plan

Reprint Rights Form

The "SELL REPORTS By MAIL" Catalog Titles:

1. Keep $10 on Every $10 Order

2. Fill Your Mailbox Full of Cash-Buyers Names for Free

3. How To Make Money With Your Answering Machine

4. 450 Firms That Offer Work at Home Opportunities

5. How To sell Information By Mail

6. Postcard Profits

7. 15 Mail Order Plans You Can Sell

8. Instant Money-Making Letter

9. Your Money Guide To Government Grants

10. How To Get Rich in Mail Order as a Circular Mailer

11. Start a Small Printing Business in Your Garage

12. How To Make a Fortune with Classified Ads

PLUS Catalog Masters

Step-by-Step Marketing Plan

Reprint Rights Form

Free Reprint Rights Included!

When you order any of these booklets, you get a certificate, which makes you "the prime source" from then on in. No further payment to us of any kind will ever be needed. You're allowed to insert your own company name in each booklet as prime publisher.

Full Reprint Rights means you can sell individual titles or the complete series, just like I am here, with or without the reprint rights. Sell them anyway you choose!

Reprintable material has always been intended to give mail order dealers their own "source of supply". With these rights, all cash orders come directly to YOU! You produce your own line of

When you order this "Complete 15 Booklet Publishing Series" for ONLY $69.95 you get this booklet size catalog along with it FREE! Everything here including Full Reprint Rights for Only $69.95 Ė (SAVE over $40.00!)

When you order the "Sell Reports by Mail" series (12 reports) for Only $49.00 you get the same. A booklet size catalog along with it FREE! Everything here including Full Reprint Rights or Only $49.00 Ė (SAVE over $17.00!)

Now You Can Buy "The Complete Booklet library" series for Only $67.00 in Digital Format (for the first time ever) by DATE you get the complete "Sell Reports by Mail" series thrown in absolutely FREE! a Deal Worth $178.95! face value but with digital rights it's worth far More!

Youíll be automatically set up to pull in large cash orders daily! Keep as much as 95% of the profit on every full series order! Make hundreds of dollars weekly setting people up in their own instant publishing business with this "Ready-To-Go" product line!

When I sell these by Mail Order, each booklet is shipped to you in flat sheet form, beautifully typeset along with itís own advertising material! And you will also receive a copy of this exact catalog format as well. Everything is shipped flat & camera-ready! Just paste in your company or personal name! All thatís needed is a trip to the local copy shop or your own copy machine!

Now you can sell these exact same product on CD-ROM. No paperwork, no extra printing costs. Just pure digital profits!

Youíll also get an Easy-To-Follow Marketing Plan (complete with suggested advertising) that will show you where to place small, inexpensive classifieds ads that will pull in lots of cash orders!

Watch newcomers who are looking for a product to sell and a mail order business to start send you their money quickly! And experienced dealers as well, are always looking to expand their existing product lines! Just follow the order form instructions on the opposite side of this page to get started right away!

Order this complete series today and have your own high-profit mail order business instantly! Give the catalog away free to interested prospects or run small cash-generating ads for one of the enclosed booklets. Include a copy when filling orders and watch envelopes full of cash come rolling back!

Hereís How To Become A Mail Order Publisher Instantly!

Order "The Complete Booklet Publishing Series" (by Date Shown Below) and Get:

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* YOUR NAME will be the only one displayed in your new catalog. (Except for a small copyright notice up front, which must stay for protection). Put your name in each booklet as prime publisher!

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Everything is Camera-Ready in digital format on CD-ROM also! I understand that I can sell these booklets separately or as a complete series - or anyway I wish with no further payment or royalties to anyone!

* BONUS: Iím ordering within 10 days so include a copy of: "SHOPPING GUIDES OF THE U.S.A.!" (Lists over 300 community shopper papers that I can start running low-cost classified ads in within as little as a week!)

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