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"Pet Niche CD-ROM"



Looking for your own niche online? How about the "Pet Market" niche! There are so many searches being made monthly and so many keywords you can use to capture thousands of customers onto your opt-in list.

There's tons of breeds for dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, etc. to use as keywords to get the customers using simple pay-per-click and free advertising.

And there are just as many affiliate products in this niche as well to offer your list of eager buyers. Animal lovers are everywhere and offer you unlimited opportunities for big cash sales!

But where do I start? ... I need my own book. ... I need my own site. ... I need my own list of prospects and buyers, ... etc., etc.

Hey, Your problems are solved!

This product has 14 e-books that you can sell over and over again. You also have access to ready-made web sites for each e-book and even a copy of this website as well.

  • If You Ever Wanted Your Own Instant $27 Product To Sell By Mail and Online - HERE IT IS! You get to keep ALL the money too!
  • If you ever wanted to "Grow Your Own Profitable Mailing List" - Animals is a hot market! -- The monthly search volume online for Parakeets, Labrador Retriever, etc, ... is huge! -- Endless Keyword possibilities are everywhere!

YES, you can make great money in the information publishing business selling PET INFO and PET PRODUCTS!

  • Below are 10 of the e-Books to advertise with and make a huge profit on the back-end by following up with big-ticket related products.

3 Reasons Why The Pet Business is so Profitable:

1.) Your customers will be mostly homeowners that love to shop online and by mail and many make nice incomes.

2.) There is tons of pet products, and pet books to sell to your customers on the back-end through free affiliate programs.

3.) Focusing on growing your own opt-in list is the best way to be a successful affiliate marketer. Sales come naturally by recommending "related" items to your list.

(Cant you keep a secret? So far, I have gotten checks for as much as $460 and even $750 by offering a hot product that is "related" to my main product on just one of my niche customer lists!)

  • Not only do I make hot money up front daily - I make it on the back-end repeat sales as well!
  • The best way to become a successful affiliate is by doing it the natural way. By having affiliate products that you recommend and that are "related" to what you're selling your prospects and customers on the front-end is the secret!
  • People will trust you as a true expert simply because you will be a publisher with your own line of books and articles. So they will buy from you with confidence.

Fortunately, you and I don't have to be a gifted writer to make some descent cash from the pet industry. If you like animals, or you believe this is a fun area to sell in . . . then these popular e-Book titles will work for you and you can find more or write more as you go along!

You see . . . THE MONEY WILL BE IN YOUR LIST OF PET LOVING, CASH BUYERS, THAT YOU WILL BE COLLECTING DAILY! (Just think back-end or follow-up profits from new products you will discover and get extremely excited about.)

It would be easy to start a monthly newsletter revealing new and exciting products that you are promoting. As your customers read your newsletter articles, they will see your "featured" products you have for them each month.

See, affiliate sales can be "all nat-ur-aal!"

  • Again, pet info and supplies types of buyers represent a HUGE target-market out there that has money. This market obviously makes a great in-house mailing list worth developing.
  • It means a thriving market and huge chunks of cash for sellers like you and me. If in doubt about all this, just go to your local pets store and watch their customers buy, buy, buy for just 5 minutes!
  • Remember, the big profits are on the back-end from future sales to these same buyers that YOU OWN! That's where hot affiliate products will make you rich! I'll even recommend some sources for products you can contact in our free report.

How To Get All The Traffic You Need That Buys Like Crazy

There is unlimited ways to grow your opt-in list fast. Blogs, pay-per-click advertising, etc.

There are also lots of free ways to do it too. When you order this product you will also get a free set of videos that shows you 8 ways to get free traffic through Google.

Introducing: "The Pets Niche CD-ROM" -- (14 e-Books and Over 35 Articles To Get Started With!)

They’re all yours – Get cash orders over and over again from people all over the country by being the publisher of these pet niche e-books!

Again, our bonus report will show you how to enter the market successfully so you can follow up with bigger and better offers as well!

Now you can get all 14 e-Books (only 10 are shown), Full Reprint Rights and a copy of this same direct response website for just $27! You’ll be able to pocket $27 per order over and over again! Sell 10 sets a week and make an extra $2,700 profit!

  • These e-books are in PDF format. They can be read by anyone who downloads a free Acrobat Reader that's available everywhere online.

  • These e-books, because they are in PDF format have excellent printing capabilities. They print out beautifully on your printer. So they are perfect for mail order sales as well as for online sales.

Here Are 10 of the 14 e-Books that come with their own individual Web pages and Color Graphics on CD-ROM!

PLUS 4 More e-Books and 35 Dog Articles!

Millions of searches are done each month for Pet e-Books and Pet Supplies online - now you can cash in big!

Order before and get These Super-Hot Bonuses!

BONUS #1 8 FREE Videos - "How To FREE Google Traffic"!

Get the best-kept secrets and techniques for getting tons of free traffic from the best source online - Google! You get 8 videos that shows sources for only free customers!

BONUS #2 PLUS, get my list of the best places to run small, inexpensive classified ads.

BONUS #3 Also a free report for sources of where to find the hottest pet supplies affiliate products for repeat sales.

BONUS #4 You also get a free copy of this exact website sales page to make $97 sales with!

  • You can re-sell this opportunity to your list of reprint rights buyers. Everything is set up to sell with. Just plug in your name and your own Pay button! Other dealers want more products to sell online.

  • You can sell individual e-books for $10 - $35 each.

  • Or you can sell each individual books complete with their own websites and graphics to your reprint rights customers for lots more!

(This site alone and all 14 Books plus articles makes the deal worth over $600, but it's all yours for a one-time fee of only $27 -- ORDER TODAY!!!) -- and don't forget, each product comes with it's own website page and graphics!


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Since I am ordering before I understand I will also receive the free bonus report: "How To Get A Lot More Google Traffic For Free" and a copy of this website for FREE along with my order, PLUS the bonus report that shows where to find hot affiliate back-end products and also places to advertise along with Full and Unlimited Reprint Rights on everything shown above!


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Send cash, check or money order to:

Lee Cusano

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(Just include a note with your order stating the title: "The Pet's Niche CD-ROM" along with your mailing address.) I will RUSH your order to you by First Class Mail.

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